Why Preparation is Important for Learning

St. Louis, Missouri (February 23, 2018) – Mackler Associates is a test preparation and tutoring facility located in St. Louis, Missouri. They help students excel by improving their grades, test scores, and self-confidence. They have a record of advancing the knowledge of their clients and ensuring they are prepared for the future. Mackler Associates does one-on-one ACT and SAT test preparation with their clients because they found the best results with this method. They work with hundreds of students that are all different, catering to each of their learning styles. Preparation for tests such as the ACT can help students reduce the fear and panic that taking these tests provoke in them. Many students find learning to be difficult and test to be stressful, which is why preparation is the key to success. Mackler Associates helps provide results and positive futures for their students.


Mackler Associates has announced a new president, former Director of Operations and Vice-President, Jason Marks. Marks has been providing outstanding service with the company for the past 18 years. Growing up in the St. Louis area, Marks has always enjoyed tutoring and teaching others. Mr. Marks knows how important learning is and encourages starting the tutoring and test prep process early on to keep them excelling for years to come. Jason Marks and the employees at Mackler Associates strive to help their clients see long-lasting results. Nothing makes them happier than seeing their clients succeed and all the hard work paying off.


Mackler Associates

1067 N Mason Rd #5,

St. Louis, MO 63141

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