An Insight Into The St. Louis Brewery Scene

St. Louis has a large beer scene. USA Today readers have awarded St. Louis the “Best Beer Scene Award” for the past two years. They’re not lying. These breweries can be reached in 15 minutes with a taxi from downtown. These are only a few. STL Beer has many more options. These include Alpha Brewing and Tower Grove South as well as Ferguson Brewing and Narrow Gauge and Old Bakery Beer and Old Bakery Beer. Hopskeller Brewing has many varieties. O’Fallon Brewing is located in Metro East. Six Mile Bridge is another option. There are many choices. There are many options. Two Plumbers, Friendship Brewing, and Friendship Brewing are just a few.

2nd Shift Beer

2nd Shift Brewery can be found north of Hill, in an industrial area. This brewery produces exceptional beers such as Art of Neurosis or Hibiscus Wit.

4 Hands Brewing Company

4 Hands can be found at the south end of downtown, near Soulard. This brewery is unique. This brewery often collaborates with local artists and businesses to create unique beers. The most popular beers are Single Speed, Citywide, and Ripple. Pay attention to seasonals. Upstairs, you can play free Skeeball or arcade games. 1220 S. 8th Street.

Anheuser-Busch Brewery

Soulard’s brick brewery makes a great stopover. Enjoy a complimentary beer while you’re standing in the Clydesdales stable. You can also choose to take more involved tours like the Beermaster Tour or Horses and Heritage Tour. You can also enjoy The Where You Brew Experience. 12th & Lynch.

Bluewood Brewing

Bluewood opened recently in the former Lemp Brewery stablings. Bluewood is well-known for its high-ABV beer, and barrel-aged stouts like Leviathan, and was established in the former Lemp Brewery stables.

Civil Life Brewing Company

Jake Hafner was frequent at 33 Wine Bar in Lafayette Square. In the next year, he moved to Civil Life Tower Grove South. In 2018, he added canned American Brown to the brewery. These rules are available on the brewery’s site. It is available to view. These rules are intended to preserve civility. 3714 Holt.

Chris Naffziger, a historian, and contributor of SLM is Chris. He stated that Earthbound was founded in 2017 at Cherokee Brewery Stock House. The stock house’s original floor is still in use and the cellars date back to 1875. The brewery is the oldest known brewery in the world. Every day brings discoveries like Gruit Out Of Hell and Tax Evader. 2724 Cherokee.

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