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Kim shared their story with joy, hope and love. Kim says it all started in 2020 when she was forced to undergo medical treatment for Covid. AccuCare was an amazing place to work, and it was rewarding. However, I was aware that it can be stressful to work 1 on 1 with someone sick, especially if they are trying to manage their symptoms. I might one day meet a patient who is calm and cool. Then I’ll say, “I feel your illness.” As if you were a family member, I care for your health. It is so wonderful to be there for them. AccuCare staff is always kind to me when it’s sick and ready to thank them. I had to find a compromise. A device that could be used as medical equipment and first aid. I started looking for products that could help with falls and prevent fractures. I was adamant that I didn’t need so much assistance. I needed a bluetooth neck brace, and a neck belt. EMS was looking for exactly the product. I realized that there were no products that could assist people in moving their upper bodies and preventing falls. This product was my goal.
Blue Spruce was the right product. Within one week, I had ordered one. It was strong enough to withstand several falls. My only accident was unloading a box from the van. I was once injured when I fell. My partner helped me get up and stopped me falling. The next day I used the product and had another 20 falls. One of these left me with a fractured wrist. I was able to avoid any further injuries or falls. Most law enforcement officers and EMS personnel use this device. The TIAA Wide Angle canes are reminiscent of baby stilts.

AccuCare provides full-service family medicine at four locations in St. Louis MO and Los Angeles CA.
St. Louis MO, January 14, 2021. Everyone had a part in making Safe Havens safer for the St. Louis region. Bruce St. Onge (Shift Supervisor) and his team saw the need to assist elderly victims of crime and fill the void.
This interview celebrates Teaching Tolerance’s 60th anniversary in St. Louis MO on January 1, 2021. Interview with Sue Preger. Sue started her career at VOYCE as a COO and was instrumental in the growth of the organization’s early years. Sue Preger was an early advocate for the Caregiver. She knows the emotional strain involved in managing complex, multi-veteran health systems. She is currently VOYCE’s Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer. Sue was involved in every aspect of VOYCE’s creation in 2013. She continues to be a leader for the organization’s expansion. Sue will be joining the Teaching Tolerance podcast in order to talk about her career with VOYCE.
St. Louis MO. December 23, 2020 — This non-profit continues to grow and helps seniors in Greater St. Louis find joy during the holidays. Wendi’s Wish, part of a national campaign launched in August to help those with dementia make the most of the holidays. This program allows Alzheimer’s patients to enjoy limited entertainment and support to help them enjoy the holidays. This is an experience few families can give their loved ones. Safe Havens is able to see Wendi’s success and can work together to improve the lives of seniors by promoting in-home healthcare.
St. Louis MO, August 10, 2020 — Liz Holbrook (Safe Haven for Caregivers program Director) and her team provide one-stop resources for caregivers who earn below the poverty level to find housing, transportation, therapy, and community. The team has designated safe haven areas as the coalition care management organization. Coalition care management organisation aims to maintain and create stability by providing early intervention programs and prevention programs for caregivers as well as their families. Counseling support is available. Have questions? You can call the Safe Haven Hotline at 816 6557-8884
St. Louis MO. August 1, 2020 – Jeffrey Hamm was named Most Valuable Player by the Board of Directors of St. Louis Symphony Children’s Theater. Jeffrey Hamm has been an unwavering supporter of the company and the welfare for the children he loves with in home health care.

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